"Good ideas cross borders"




Developing communication strategies and concepts in marketing, advertising and PR. Drawing together the strengths of conventional design, print and up-to-date digital solutions.



Producing images and films for commercials, digital applications such as apps, websites, animated product instructions, configurators through mainly high-end computer-generated imaging (CGI).

Clients: Phonak, Andres Apotheke Stadelhofen, Omega, IWC, OC Oerlikon, Vitra, Nobel Biocare, Blaser Swisslube, Nike, ON, variety of agencies and production companies



Supporting established SME’s from strategy to implementation at the level of Business, Product and Brand Development.

The services focus on strategic business consulting, integrated communications, digital sales processes as well as financial intermediation.



Over 25 years’ experience in the corporate communications, advertising and design industry. Proven track record in guiding work of conservative clients towards campaigns which received national and international recognition. Significant film production know-how and implementation skills. Strength in strategic and conceptual work provided in practically every field of the industry. Holistic and entrepreneurial thinking accessing digital and financial solutions.



Swiss Re global campaign, Unaxis global campaign, Citibank global campaign

American Express, Apotheke Stadelhofen, Ana Ivanovic, Caren Pfleger, CitiBank, Coop, Credit Suisse, Feldschlösschen, Friends of the Zurich Children's Hospital, Imago Cosmetics, Knorr, Mazda, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, SF DRS, Swiss Re, Swisscom, Toyota, UBS, Unaxis, Zürcher Kantonal Bank,


1995 to 1999 Wirz Advertising / BBDO, Zurich

1998 to 1999 Creative Director, Member of Executive Management Board

                      Responsible for supervising 25-person creative staff

1995 to 1998 Art Director, Member of Management Staff

                      Lecturing three-day creative seminar for Market-Force

                      advertising agency, Bangkok, Thailand

1985 to 1995 Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich

1990 to 1995 Art Director

                      Organized the Art Directors Club of Switzerland

                      Special Event in Illustration 1992.

                      Member of the Art Directors Club of Switzerland task force

                      charged with developing a concept for new art school to

                      train people in the advertising arts

1988 to 1989 Junior Art Director

1985 to 1988 Assistant Art Director and Graphic Designer

                      Created layouts, typography and illustration



Summer 2001 Web design / Flash, HTML, 3D computer animation

Summer 1999 AVID Operating, New York University

Desktop Operating, School of Visual Arts, New York

Summer 1989 Film training at Parsons School, New York

1981 to 1985 Studio K. D. Geissbuehler BGG / AIAG, Zurich

Agency specializing in cultural advertising)

Graphic Design Apprenticeship

1980 to 1985 HSG Zurich (School of Fine Arts and Design, Zurich)

Degree in Graphic Design

Languages  German (native language), English, Spanish, French

Work permit ‘O-1 non - immigrant’ visa of the United States of America

"A good Idea is always a good idea"



The New York Festivals

1999 Swisscom “Husband” Finalist

         Swisscom “Contract” Finalist

1998 Swiss Telecom “Sofa, Garage, Business men” TV Finalist

1990 Mazda “Image Campaign” Print Finalist


Art Directors Club of New York

1992 Mazda 626 “Turning” Finalist

         Mazda MX-5 “Biarritz” Newspaper Finalist

1991 Mazda “Launch” Silver


Our Awards (Young & Rubicam)

1993 Mazda 121 “Crazy” Finalist

1990 Mazda 323 “Launch” Semi-Finalist


Eurobest London

1991 Mazda MX-5 “Vely, Vely Blitish” Poster Finalist


London International Advertising Awards

1993 Mazda MX-5 “Biarritz” Newspaper Finalist

         Mazda 626 “Turning” Finalist


Die Klappe (Best TV commercials of German-speaking Countries)

1996 Swiss Telecom “Sofa, Garage, Business men” TV Gold

1995 Mazda 323 “Typeface” TV  Silver


Cannes Advertising Festivals

1996 Swiss Telecom “Sofa, Garage, Business men” TV Shortlist

1995 Mazda 323 “Relaunch” Shortlist

1994 Mazda 626 “Turning” Shortlist


Art Directors Club of Europe

1992 Mazda MX-5 “Vely, Vely Blitish” Poster Nominee



1993 Mazda 626 “Turning” Shortlist

         Mazda MX-5 “Biarritz” Newspaper Shortlist

         Mazda “Hercules” Finalist

1992 Mazda 323 “Flash / Alarm / 4WD” TV Finalist



1991 Mazda MX-5 “Vely, Vely Blitish” Poster Certificate





Art Directors Club of Switzerland

2000 Wallwurz Ointment “Three old friends” Bronze

1999 Wallwurz Ointment “Anghern, the Boxer” Silver

1998 Swisscom “Husband” Silver

         Swisscom “Contract” Silver

1997 Weltwoche Printcampaign Bronze

1996 Swiss Telecom “Sofa, Garage, Business men” TV Gold

         Swiss Telecom “Sofa, Garage, Business men” Cinema Gold

         Swiss Telecom “Dialogue Campaign” Newspaper Bronze

1995 Mazda “Condom” Newspaper Gold

         Swiss TV “Newspaper Ads” Silver

         Mazda 323 “Relaunch” Newspaper Bronze

         Mazda 323 “Relaunch” TV Silver

         Mazda 323 “Typeface” TV Bronze

         Swiss TV “Magazine Ads” Bronze

         Swiss Telecom “Dialogue Campaign” Newspaper Bronze

         Swiss Telecom “Dialogue Campaign” Magazine Bronze

         Swiss Telecom “Domino” TV Bronze

1994 Mazda “Newspaper Ads” Bronze

         Mazda “Magazine Ads” Bronze

         Mazda “121 Crazy” Newspaper Bronze

         Mazda “121 Crazy” Magazine Bronze

1993 Mazda 626 “156” Poster Gold

         Mazda 626 “156” TV Silver

         Mazda 626 “156” Newspaper Bronze

         Mazda “Newspaper Ads” Silver

         Mazda “Magazine Ads” Silver

         Mazda MX-3 “Red” Bronze

         Mazda 323 “Alarm” Bronze

         Mazda 323 “Newspaper Ads” Bronze

1991 Mazda “Newspaper Ads” Gold

         Mazda “Magazine Ads” Silver

         Mazda MX-5 “Vely, Vely Blitish” Poster Silver

         Mazda 323 “Flash / Alarm / 4WD” TV Silver

         Mazda “Car show” Newspaper Bronze

         Mazda “Launch 121” Bronze

         Swiss Telecom “Red Beam” Newspaper Bronze

1990 Mazda “One Millinon Sold” Poster Bronze

1989 Publicitas “Image Campaign” Gold

         Chromachron Watch “Newspaper Ads Launch” Silver

         Chromachron Watch “Newspaper Ads” Silver

         Chromachron Watch “Magazine Ads” Silver

1988 Colgate Palmolive “Lemon” Silver


Swiss Interior Ministry

1994 Mazda 323 “Typeface” TV Diploma

1992 Mazda MX-5 “Vely, Vely Blitish” Poster Diploma

1998 Onko “Golden Beans” Diploma


EFFIE (Award for the most effective advertisement or campaign)

1993 Mazda “Love Story” Silver

1991 Mazda “Image Campaign” Silver


La Suisse Press Award

1993 Swiss Telecom “Clinton” Gold

1991 Mazda “Launch 121” Gold

"Sex sells. But a good idea sells even better"

"A good idea moves you"

"What a good-looking idea"

"A good idea leaves its print"

"A good idea thinks out of the box"

"A good idea opens doors"

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